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7 Tips on how to use Clip in Hair Extensions

Posted on June 05 2017

7 tips for flawlessly putting in your clip-in hair extensions

When put in correctly, hair extensions can look simply stunning, giving you extra volume and length where needed. But when they’re not applied correctly they can look obviously fake and fail to blend in with the natural hair. With these 7 tips, you’ll be putting in your clip-ins and weaves like a pro in no time at all.

Whether you’re putting in your clip-ins for a glam night out or are going with a casual updo during the day, extensions can give you an added touch of style. These hacks will ensure you look flawless every time.

  1. Tease the roots for a long-lasting hold – No one wants their hair extensions to begin slipping out halfway through the night. Gently teasing the roots of your hair where you plan to place the clip-in provides a stronger grip and can help the extensions to better blend with your hair.
  2. Put them in upside down – Going for a style where you want volume? Clip-in your extensions upside down to really give it a boost. Just be sure you place the clip underneath a layer of hair and tease your hair at the roots around the area for a natural look.
  3. Match your natural hair – If your extensions are silky and shiny it can mean they stand out no matter how much effort you take to blend them. Instead, make your natural hair match by adding a touch of serum.
  4. Don’t be afraid to put them in at an angle – If going straight means the extensions don’t blend in with your layers or the shape of your face place them at an angle. It can create a far more flattering look and give your more versatility too.
  5. Complement your hair’s density – Picking out extensions that don’t match your hair’s density can make the instantly obvious. Think about where you’ll be placing them to create an even look. The finer your hair the lighter you should go.
  6. Blend when using heating tools – Blending is one of the key things to get right when adding extensions. Clip in your pieces and straighten with your natural hair. If you then decide to add some curl, the extensions will be blended with your hair and no one will have a clue that you’ve got some help in the volume department.
  7. Take them with you to the stylist – One of the simplest ways to get your clip-ins to effortlessly blend in is by getting your stylist to cut them. If you wear your extensions all the time it’s the perfect way to ensure they seamlessly blend into your natural cut.


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